This year’s theme will be “Health in Times of Conflict.” Conflict is a profuse concept in our world, negatively affecting citizens, combatants, political systems, financial systems, and healthcare systems. Centuries of humankind have seen warfare and destruction ruin civilizations, and the political violence typically surrounding such actions further contributes to damaged international relationships among countries. Healthcare systems are significantly unable to provide for citizens of a country after violent conflicts, given the impediments in the ability to control the spread of infectious diseases, poor sanitation from damaged waste management resources, and the overcrowding of displaced persons seeking refuge. Further tensions that exist in nations during times of war include domestic violence and child abuse cases in many households.

AMWHO 2014 seeks to invite all students interested in global health discourse to specifically examine the role of nations and nations’ health professionals in times of conflict. The conference will create an environment in which students will deliberate the immediate protocols necessary for each member nation and non-governmental organization to take in order to promote higher health during warfare.


Now presenting the AMWHO 2014 Conference Speakers! We are honored to have such knowledgeable and informative individuals speak at our very first conference, and we hope to provide all of our delegates an inspirational weekend through learning about the numerous global health opportunities that exist in this world.

Steven Wayling

Following graduation from UNC School of Public Health in 1987, Steven Wayling spent 25 years with the World Health Organization, first with the Global Programme on AIDS in the WHO-EURO office in Copenhagen and then for the next two decades with the WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) at Geneva Headquarters. His work supported capacity building in over 60 disease endemic countries by promoting research grants for institutional strengthening, through numerous activities aimed at human resource development and, most recently, through the promotion of regional and global research networks. Mr. Wayling has worked extensively with the six Regional Offices and with many WHO country offices, traveling to over 70 countries during his tenure with WHO. He has also published on HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases and capacity building in developing countries.

Heather Davis

Heather Davis has over ten years of experience in infectious disease program support and leadership. Since 2009, she has worked with the US Government in HIV emergency programming in Ethiopia, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Côte d’Ivoire. She also implemented research programs in DRC through the University of North Carolina for a variety of child survival and infectious disease research programs, including malaria, monkeypox, and HIV, from 2006 – 2009. Ms. Davis has international NGO health program experience with Catholic Relief Services in DRC, and supported the Ryan White CARE Act Title I HIV and AIDS programming through New Orleans city government. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

SIT Study Abroad - Global Health Representative: Mory Pagel

A pioneer in experiential, field-based study abroad, SIT (founded as the School for International Training) offers more than 60 semester and summer programs for undergraduate students in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. Employing an educational approach developed over 80 years, SIT encourages students to step beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom to analyze the critical issues shaping local communities around the globe. Programs foster experiential learning, intensive cultural immersion, substantial community engagement, and an emphasis on field-based research. Specifically, a Global Health and Development Program exists within SIT Study Abroad for aspiring global health students to collaborate with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Conference Awards

Certain awards for individuals in each regional block, NGO member, and media representative will be announced on the last day of AMWHO 2014! These include:

  • (5) Best Position Paper – there will be one “Best Position Paper” award in each region
  • Best Media Correspondent
  • Best Non-Governmental Organization Representative
  • (5) Best Delegate – there will be one “Best Delegate” award in each region


Participants will be traveling from across the nation to UNC, so we hope to provide accommodations for all. Therefore, a “Host a Delegate” program will be enforced this year for students near UNC Chapel Hill to willingly accommodate out-of-state students. Through registration, participants have the choice of hosting a delegate, or providing an extra couch or futon for another delegate to stay. Please keep in mind that students travelling from afar may not have the means to accommodate themselves for a weekend in the area, and allowing such individuals the ability to stay in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill region free of cost is beneficial for them, the conference, and for you in meeting individuals with similar career interests!

Social Events

On Friday, October 3rd, participants will attend the Welcome Soiree Dinner at UNC’s Top of the Hill Restaurant on Franklin Street. There will be music, speakers from UNC Chapel Hill, and the opportunity to meet the AMWHO Executive Team and other students from across the nation. Dinner will be served and is already included in participants’ one-time registration fee! Join us for a night of fun at one of UNC Chapel Hill’s most noted restaurants!

On Saturday, come out to another night of fun on Franklin Street, where participants are invited to True Deli & Wine Bar for more socializing and relaxation after a long day of conference affairs. This is another great way to make friends and connections with other delegates at AMWHO 2014!


AMWHO 2014 will occur on Friday, October 3rd, Saturday, October 4th, and Sunday, October 5th.

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The conference will be held at the following location:

Rosenau Hall
135 Dauer Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Check-in will be inside the building from 12-2 pm